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INAURES® not only makes small and intimate jewellery, they also create one of a kind pieces in silver and gold. They develop and bring to light unique and unrepeatable pieces and drawn their inspiration from natural gemstones or simply work upon a specific idea to create a new piece. They mostly work with 18 kt gold and one of their most frequently used stones is the tourmaline, not only because of it´s special color richness but also because of it´s special energy. Their favorite piece to work with is the necklace, where they combine various gemstones and metals. Their most important necklace, and most popular without a doubt, is the “Millefiori” necklace, made of old Venetian glass beads, combined with silver or gold. The special warmth of the gold, the simplicity and particularity of the designs, make each piece something very special and unrepeatable.